Promoting your company can happen in so many ways and for so many reasons. We all need to be at trade shows promoting new products and services, we attend job fairs to attract the best candidates, local events to build awareness in our community and industry events to share our expertise. At times, it can be overwhelming. You have to decide how many people to send out and which people will represent you well at such events. You need to decide what you distribute that will make customers and prospects remember you when they need what you have. Well, Red Stitch Creative has a diverse team that is here to help.

  • Designers and writers to help you create the most powerful marketing collateral.


  • Staff to help you through the process of designing exhibit displays.


  • Teams to support you at events of all types.


  • Street Teams to help at major events and festivals.


  • Experts with more than 25 years of experience in the promotional product industry


How do you get it all done? How do you create collateral people will read and retain? What products and giveaways should we us to represent our brand? Which events should we be attending to attract the right customers?

Ask the promotions team at Red Stitch. We are all here to help you.



Promotional Products

Red Stitch Creative has a promotional products division that can provide you with thousands of items to put your brand on. Our team doesn’t just ask you how much your budget is and then tell you which items you can get the most of. We look at everything involved with the purchase of these item. We work with you to determine the events you will attend, the customers you are looking to attract, the products you sell and put that together with your budget. Our consultants will provide you with the highest quality products that will represent you and your brand well. The team will always look for unique items that other companies are not using because they likely don’t even know they exist.

Call us to discuss your needs and we will create some options for you and your team to consider.

Visit our online promotional products database and store for thousands of ideas.