About Us

Launched in 2015 out of the founder’s frustration he had finding the right marketing firm to support his company, Red Stitch Creative has evolved into a full service Sales & Marketing agency that supports every client like they were the ONLY client.

Red Stitch Creative supports our clients in all stages of the sales and marketing processes. We know the importance of both areas, yet we also understand how different they really are when it comes to helping business succeed. Our team is made up of people that have proven themselves at all levels of startups, growing businesses and Fortune 500 companies. This success includes building individual sales territories, managing substantial sales teams, launching and growing marketing teams and executive level management. This team also brings a wide-range of industry experience that includes software, digital marketing, product sales, retail sales, international sales, defense industries, e-commerce and apparel. Heck, we even have a guy that spent 20+ years in the military. The common factor that our team brings to the table is that we love what we do and have fun doing it.

We realize you are not going to make a decision to work with a company like ours because we write up a great “About Us” page, so take a minute and give us a call or fill out our fancy “Contact Us” form and we will give you a call. We want to learn more about what you do so we can figure out if what we do is something that would help you.